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Monday, November 9, 2009

Chock Chock

i is fanzzz :D

u prolly wont agree to everything i say here cuz what am i to u? right? im jst a kid telling everything i know frm what i see and what i think is the right thing and is true.

to what i see, most people only listen to old people; experienced. sum, frm what they see frm books, magazines, or newspapers. others to professionals and sum respected people.

after talking to other people frm other countries and hanging out with them, i can say that filipinos are the only one with the problem. everyone is aware of the crab mentality. and filipinos are full of pride. its the ugly truth. no one wants to lose to sumone. that is why there are a lot of troubles/problems happening.

dislike this or whatever sohai but this is the truth