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Friday, December 17, 2010


got this one from an EQ test online.. i really didnt have the time to read it though. i dont even know why i am posting it right now. i guess it says i have a good score? LOL. here is the link

45 - 54
Congratulations! You have very high emotional intelligence. This is good news! EQ counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be a star performer. Your level of EQ likely has been and will be a driver of your high performance for years to come. Areas to work on: While you are doing well - don't forget to take time out of your busy day-to-day activities to stop and reflect on what brings you the greatest meaning in your life. If we fail to do this on a regular basis, we risk becoming tranquilized by the trivial. Sedated by the small details. Yes, deadlines need meeting and goals must be achieved. But if we are working toward goals that are not in alignment with our key values and greater purpose, we face becoming hostile and cynical - losing the reason we are doing 'all of this' in this first place! This translates into less joy and enthusiasm for our work - resulting in a diminished ability to be effective, at ease, and on purpose. As William James said: I have no doubt whatever that most people live, whether physically, intellectually, or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness... much like a man who, out of his whole body organism, should get into the habit of using and moving only his little finger... We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.

Too Much TV

watching television takes some of your time. makes your boredom go away. or sort of like that. well, because it entertains you. that is why you keep coming back. to some, they tried to fit it in their lifestyle. if you know what i mean. watching TV is good. but having spend your time on it too much, is bad. apparently, if youre subscribed to soap operas. you tend to catch how they treat and interact to other people. like how would one should react if someone is got caught cheating or having an affair, or when a kid tries to make a point on someone whos older. if you get what im trying to point out here, then youre good. if not, just try to understand. read between the lines

Monday, December 13, 2010


Welcome!: "I connected Blogger to my http://flavors.me page - http://flavors.me/jhoenkid"

Thursday, December 2, 2010


i dont know.. it seems as if there is noise, i tend to loose focus on what i am doing. but some people dont. this is not like me... i dont usually loose my focus with just a snap. but, i cant tell.. i think its only because of this time where a lot of issues is arising and i think, i could not handle them. now, i am trying to remember what i was doing before, when i dont lose focus easily, and will try to do them again. and probably stop doing senseless stuffs.. like computer games rofl. but thats my thing, i guess? maybe now but i dont know for tomorrow lol.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010




A study of the concepts of law in general. It covers (a) obligations, their nature, elements, sources, classification, effects and modes of extinction; and (b) contracts, their nature, elements, effects, form, interpretation, rescission, nullity, annulment and enforcement.


At the end of the semester the students are expected:

• To gain knowledge of the legal provisions governing business transactions in general, and the law on obligations and contracts in particular
• To prepare the students for advance studies on business law;
• To develop analytical skills of applying the law on obligations and contracts on certain situations or business transactions.


I. Introduction to Law
II. General Provisions on Obligation
III. Nature and Effect of Obligations
IV. Different Kinds of Obligations
V. Extinguishment of Obligations
VI. General Provisions on Contract
VII. Essential Requisites of Contracts
VIII. Forms of Contract
IX. Reformation of Instruments
X. Interpretation of Contracts
XI. Rescissible Contracts
XII. Voidable Contracts
XIII. Unenforceable Contracts
XIV. Void or Inexistent Contracts


De Leon, Hector S. The Law on Obligations and Contracts. Latest Edition, Rex Bookstore.



Topics to be discussed:
Introduction to Law
a. Concepts and Definition
b. Kinds, Classification and Divisions
c. State Law
d. Definition: Law on Obligations and Contracts

General provisions on Obligations
1. Definition of Obligation (Art. 1156, NCC)
2. Essential Requisites of Obligation
3. Natural Obligations (Arts. 1423-1430, NCC)
4. Concepts and Sources of Obligations (Arts. 1157-1162, NCC)
4.1 Law (Art. 1158)
4.2 Contracts (Art. 1159)
4.3. Quasi-contracts (Art. 1160, NCC) – Definition; kinds
4.4. Crimes or delict (Art.1161, NCC) – Scope of liability
4.5. Quasi-delict (Art. 1162, NCC)—Definition; Crimes vs. Quasi delict
5. Concepts of obligor and obligee


Nature and Effect of Obligations
a. Rights of Creditor and Duties of Debtor
a.1 Obligation to give (Arts. 1163-1166, NCC)
a.2 Obligation to Do (Art. 1167, NCC)
a.3 Obligations not to do (Arts. 1168)
b. Grounds for liability for damages (art.1170, NCC)
b.1 Delay (Art. 1169, NCC) – Definition; Kinds; Effects; Rule and Exceptions (When demand is not necessary to put debtor in delay)
b.2 Fraud (Art. 1171) – Definition; Kinds
b.3 Negligence (Arts. 1172-1173, NCC) – Definition; kinds; Negligence vs. Diligence; Kinds of diligence
b.4 Contravention of the tenor of the obligation (Art. 1170, NCC) – Meaning
b.5 Fortuitous event (Art. 1174, NCC) – Definition; kinds; requisites; rule and Exceptions
c. Usurious transactions (Art. 1175, NCC) – Meaning of Loan or Mutuum
d. Presumptions (Art. 1176, NCC) – Definition; Kinds; When not applicable
e. Remedies available to creditors for the satisfaction of their claims (Art. 1177, NCC)
f. Transmissibility of rights (Art. 1178, NCC) – Rule and Exceptions



Different kinds of obligations
a. Secondary Classifications under the Civil Code
a.1 Unilateral vs. bilateral (Arts. 1168-1169, NCC)
a.2 Real vs. Personal (Arts. 1163-1168, NCC)
a.3 Determinate vs. Generic (art. 1165, NCC)
a.4 Civil vs. Natural (Art. 1423, NCC)
a.5 Legal, Conventional and Penal (Arts. 1157, 1159, 1161, NCC
b. Primary Classifications under the New Civil Code
b.1 Pure and Conditional (Arts. 1179-1192)
b.2. Obligations with a period (Arts. 1180, 1193-1198, NCC)
b.3. Alternative vs. Facultative Obligations (Arts. 1199-1206, NCC)
b.4. Joint and Solidary Obligations (Art. 1207-1222, NCC)
b.5. Divisible vs. Divisible Obligations (Arts. 1223-1225, NCC)
b.6 Obligations with a Penal Clause (Arts. 1126-1304, NCC)


Extinguishment of Obligations (Art. 1231, NCC)—Cause of Extinguishment not under Art. 1231.
1. Payment or performance (Art. 1232-1254)
1.a. Payment by Cession (Art. 1255)
1.b. Tender of payment and consignation (Arts. 1256-1261, NCC)
2. Loss of the thing due (arts. 1262-1269, NCC)
3. Condonation or remission of debt (Arts. 1270-1274)
4. Confusion or merger of rights (Arts. 1275-1277, NCC)
5. Compensation (Arts. 1278-1304, NCC)
6. Novation (Arts. 1291-1304, NCC)


1. Definition (Art. 1305, NCC), Nature and Concepts
2. General Provisions (Arts. 1306-1317, NCC)
3. Essential requisites of Contracts (Art. 1318, NCC)
a. Consent (Arts. 1319-1346)
b. Object (Arts. 1347-1349, NCC)
c. Cause (Arts. 1350-1355,NCC)

AUGUST 15, 2009

4. Form of Contracts (Arts. 1356-1358)
5. Reformation of Instruments (Arts. 1359-1369)
6. Interpretation of Contracts (Arts. 1370-1379)


Defective Contracts under the Civil Code:
Rescissible Contracts (Arts. 1380-1389, NCC)
Meaning: Rescissible Contract
Rescission: Definition, requisites, nature and extent, period for filing, persons entitled to bring action
Payments made in state of insolvency
When alienation presumed in fraud of creditors (Art. 1387, NCC)



Voidable Contracts (Arts. 1390-1402, NCC)
Definition, nature and effects
Annulment: Meaning and the period for filing action for annulment; persons entitled and those not entitled to filing such actions; extinguishment of action for annulment
Ratification: definition; requisites; effects; persons who can ratify


Unenforceable Contracts (Art. 1403-1408, NCC)
Meaning; kinds
Unauthorized contracts: definition
Agreements within the scope of the statute of frauds
Modes of ratification under the statute of frauds
When unenforceable contract becomes a voidable contract
When unenforceable contract becomes a valid contract
Right of third persons to assail an unenforceable contract


Void or Inexistent Contracts (Arts. 1409-1422, NCC)
Meaning, characteristics
Instances of void or inexistent contracts
Rules where contract is illegal and the act constitutes a criminal offense
Rules where contract is illegal but the act does not constitute a criminal offense
Persons entitled to raise defense or illegality or nullity.
Definition of in pari delicto


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loose Cap

i always tell these to my friends who asks me to help them when their lover failed them or they failed their lovers. yes, its hard to forget someone whom you have spent time with. especially, those precious times you really really adore and think about all the time. and even first love.

just a precautionary.. i will be straightforward with my point here. try to keep an open mind and understand what i mean.

from the day we are born, we don't own anything. until we die. we wont own anything. from what i see, why people are having a hard time letting go of the people they love, is that their mind is telling themselves that "this is mine". did you get what i mean? or other reasons.. its like when buying a very expensive stuff and someone stole it from you. its really hard to bear. i know.

others would say "its/hes/shes the only one". i don't know about you but your wasting time saying that. nothing is labeled as "the one". if you get what i mean. do you even wonder how your ancestors got married or not and still have kids? well, its that they've got their lover. yes, they lost lovers too. but in the end, everything still works great. if its not great, look at yourself again, and try to ask the same question. if you can.

i dont know if i really put everything that is what i have in mind here. im playing loud music at the same time chatting with other people when making this :) rofl

I Asked You. Now What?

does it not irritate you when someone asks you something and you answered them, then they would ask the same thing again.. sometimes in rephrased versions lol. other people would ask you questions when the answer itself is very obvious or just needs a little thinking.

START THINKING PEOPLE. you will need it. not everything will be serve on a silver platter. as they say it. its true. the world is not fair. and its a very dangerous place. problems will eat you alive. so start asking questions..


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's Done is Done

"if you want something to be done right, do it yourself"

bosses and employees are one example where one people asks another to do something. then in the long run, one will get mad that the thing that they've asked, the other people to do, was not right. but the above statement does not apply to that. you have to really do what your boss's tells you. and even if you're right, you're wrong. ☺.

in cases where there are no bosses and/or employees.. these things still happens. and i cant stand the fact that the one asking the favor is still the one getting all heated up. its just not right. its like you only asked for a helping hand. not a worker. people like these should have a mindset of appreciating those people who tries and helps them and thinking that they are not doing the job alone and you guys know the rest :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Teh "555"

this brings back the old days of HoN. when it was international.. damn. i missed playing with ppl from other countries. i dont know but it fascinates me seeing and reading their own dialects. i learned Singlish on the net. lol. words like liao, diao, lah, and sohai.. the common ones. for some reason i liked playing games internationally. it gives me an idea of what kind of culture they have. blah blah blah. my most favorite thing that i learned is the word "555". if used in a sentence:
-"look at this fool."
at first glance you would wander with the 555. i did too until my friend started using the word as well. and i was like "WTF is 555??" and he was like "555!" rofl. it took me some time to actually know the real meaning. it originated from thai people and it means "hahaha". its weird. i know. but "5" to thai is "ha". so, thais in chats..instead of lol or rofl. they use 555. well, its easier to type though.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Love

i think its only me when i say that i like older people more than younger ones. it seems as if, i only have relationships with people older that me like two years older. none the less. and if i liked someone who is younger than me.. it stays that way. why? i see relationships as something like a path where you two both cross and in the future get married and stuff. and older people to me are like those people who see relationships that way as well. to the younger ones, i see them as like people who still needs to enjoy their lives more and cant be serious. dont get me wrong. but. think about it. i was at that stage as well. im not telling you guys i am more mature than you are. at least i know what my answer is..

i know there is a term for what i am.. liking older people than themselves. rofl

Give Me Game!

there are times where we do this thing and we fail. its like riding on a horse, then you fall off. what most people do is get back up. as heard on the movies. lol. well its right. you should do it again until you succeed. right? and those wrong moves that you did.. you learn from them. like the "what cannot kill you, can make you stronger" line. but then again. as i said. not everything applies to all. sometimes you have to give up. sometimes things does not work as it is. its not like in what you see on screens where in the end, you get what you want. in reality, you dont always get what you want. in fact, you dont get anything that you think that you wanted. unless you force it too. giving up is not an answer as well. we go back on my first point why you should not give up... dont give up >>> give up >>> dont give up. what i am trying to say here is.. assess first if you are to give up or not to. if you get what i mean o.O

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foreplay.. Fornication

apparently, facebook is full of "i want it on the (put place here)" statuses. and to those people who does not get it.. its a game. it is like the one from before where girls would post the color of their bras.. the moment one girl post one of these, men will react so quickly like and say something like "WTF?" or be like a good person who does not know anything about sex or the like. i mean, what is wrong with the word. if one hears or reads about it, they laugh. it has been a topic in classes for years but wthell. just saying.. to be straight, i think it is a filipino custom that you laugh at someone who makes a mistake or something exotic related rofl. conservative people..

Saturday, September 25, 2010


this morning. i woke up unknowingly and with no care of what will happen to me. it is as if i have too much problem that its almost like i dont have any. sometimes i despise myself for thinking too deep within stuffs that i do stupid things forcibly. cant even think properly right now. i dont even know why i blogged today. lol.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to Woot

life is too fragile to begin with. a simple thing you do could affect you in a major way. but what we actually do most often is what kills us. even though it is fun or what satisfies us. and things that mostly bores us are those that can make us live longer. living longer enables us to experience more stuff and do more things. i think you guys know what happens when you live less. living longer does not guarantee you that you will be experiencing the same amount of "fun" as of the "fun" of living less. and living less does not necessarily mean that you will be having fun too all the times. i know its kind of contradicting but life does not come with a script. what i mean is things go as they do. it is not always the same. now, the question is: to have fun now or what?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Drinking Costs


people say drinking is bad and others say its okay. but really, which is which? it is said that alcohol makes you stupid by killing your brain cells. well, it is not really all that bad.

"No. In fact it will make u smart,,,,read below:-

A herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo, and when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular culling of the weakest members.

In much the same way the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.

In this way, regular consumption of alcohol eliminates the weaker brain
cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.

That's why you always feel smarter after a few shots.

Cheers!!!! Drinks on the house...."


"Yes alcohol can kill brain cells... sitting at your PC and looking at the monitor also kills them... Your TV kills them.. Your cellphone kills them.. There isn't much that you can do today that hasn't been proven to kill brain cells in some way or another."


indeed. alcohol does kill our brain cells and it is bad. but why do people still drink? have you ever asked yourself what is your life's purpose? i know there is a book about it but lol, i have not read it yet. either way, from what i see, we live to have fun. you might say that others dont, like those of the president of big companies. they needed the money so they work but if money is not a problem, it would have been otherwise. or having more money is fun for them. my point here is, to those people, who does not like other people who drinks, is totally wrong. i am not saying that alcohol is good too. you must only know how to handle yourself when drinking. plus, (i might be redundant here) drinking adds fun in your life. it makes your life worth living more. if you only try it. it does make you stupid. but being stupid (not overly stupid) is fun at times.. being too smart can force you out of your own perks.. and so is an airhead >:) OT

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Eligibility

the past days to me was really really fun. it was like a thing that i lost and could not have for a long time and now i have it again. listing:
  • been to parties
  • slept in the middle of a party. LOL
  • met new set of people
  • blogging again
  • shopping clothes (which is sort of girly but what the heck)
  • been to new places. long distance places
  • playing Dota again
  • etc..
these could be really boring to some people but i usually do these before. it was only when i was busy with someone that i stopped doing these stuffs. hoping to blog more things soon :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

life is meaningless without problems. and without problems, life is like a game where you are always the winner. you guys might say like "who cares if i always win?" but in the end. you will realize that you need something or someone that can tell you that you are worth something. something like a challenge. so i guess its clear that problems really comes to us no matter what we do. and i think, we should be thankful? ROFL. for a minute there, i didnt recognized myself. LOL. who would want problems? right? we do everything or anything that we know just to stop these problems. money. friends. death. etc. i mean, WTHELL?

what happened today, was, i cant express it through words. but "fun" would be the closest one. met new people. did things the we all do the same, which is some sort of bonding(which is fun). i can say the today was a good day. :). and just this night, i heard this from the television. they say that when you laugh, your body releases this specific enzymes that can help you heal any problems in your body like your sickness or some sort. indeed, laughing really helps you be happy and jolly. being one means youre healthy. correct :P and smiling helps too :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Theory: Apple

do you believe in sayings? like the way our grandparents give us tips about our daily lives. and the way we dont listen to them and still do our own thing? i do believe in experience teaches us so we do sumtimes dont listen to them because we want to experience it ourselves and learn from it. common sayings like:
"history repaeats itself. once it does, it only means you have not learned from it." and
"when life throws you lemonades, make lemonades out of it." and my favorite
"everything that is too much is bad."
we all read/heard these things over and over but sometimes we dont get it. right? eitherway.. those stuffs are true. i mean, if you think about it... those things are probably made a long time ago and ask yourself, why is it still being said now? it only comes to one conclusion that all of them are true and it applies to the people who use them.

but then again, NOT ALL THINGS APPLIES TO ALL. you need to consider other forces and be open minded. you need to assess everything and always take at least one step forward when making a move.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Theory: Balance

i will get straight to the point. i believe that everything is balance from the start. ppl born is given an exact, let say points, as well as the other people who are born. these points are divided into categories: physical, mental, emotional, social, stuff, stuffs, other stuffs, others, etc. bad thing is, we cant choose where to put those points. so from the very start.. let say if you have a High points in your Social.. you are probably rich at famous. but there are parts of you that you lack or that is negative about you. my point here is, nobody is perfect. if a people is really talented like he/she can sing and dance, that guy is prolly bad at math or other things like let us say he is fat or ugly or his/her social life is not so good.

this also applies to other things like tangible and intangible stuffs.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


there is only one thing that i am thinking right now. trust.
one thing i know that i know that i hav proven myself that i am right when i say that "you can never really trust anyone but yourself." it may seem like the ppl you love can be trusted, but the truth rly hurts coz not all the times they can be trusted. same goes with stragers and all sorts of ppl. its you against the whole world, my friend. so be careful out there. you can never know what may come to you.

this jst came up to me.. not all things/saying/rules/etc. is applicable to anyone/anything. well, it is true.

Its Been A Long Time

been busy with life.. recently. lol. im not saying ppl who blog, dont hav a life..

after losing my ipod, right at home. i had all the time to think for myself and not be constantly seeing into nothingness and listening to music all day while i am outside. i hav been meeting new ppl and adding new things to my routines. even tho, having an ipod would be better. right.

Friday, February 12, 2010

why do ppl still wanto watch Dear John even though it has bad feedbacks? try Valentines Day. it is way better @_@

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Am Confused

we all know kids to be really energetic and noisy. and it just cant stay out of my mind that i cant do anything about it. its not like i didnt have a happy childhood or whatever. its only that i do not like noise and having too much of it gives me headaches. plus, kids dont put back their toys. who likes a messy room right? i dont have anything against kids.. messiness + noise are the only things getting in the way.

and oh yea, happy birthday to one of my favorite korean models; Song Jina!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Pants 2010

imagine this happens to your local train station. i mean, just for fun. lets do it too lmao. *just something i saw from the internet and wanted to share to you guys :P


its midterms week. should be studying rather than making this. lol. but i'm not. i missed blogging. its been like 2 weeks for me since i last made a post. there's nothing really on my mind right now. just want to say Hi to you guys. and its going to be our Intramural next week and i will be playing soccer. my favorite sport! lmao. goodluck to me :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spaghetti PPL

its been a while since i updated my blog. this is my 2nd post for this year tho.

well. i jst had one of the greatest weekend ever. let's start with friday - saturday - sunday:

  • met new friends; James & Dona. Hang at Roland's place. Then all 4 of us did groceries.
  • had a meeting with other students nd alumni from my school regarding about the upcoming student council elections. met up with Kaytie and co. & met new friends; Kating, Ven, Kim, Revi, Anj, Miko, Etc. Then went to Shangrila Hotel Makati to meet up with Roland.
  • Party inside the hotel room. *thanks to Roland. Met: Chico, Joy, Gabb, Renee, Marti, Tex, etc.
this might be the part of my life where i would change. again. good start for 2010.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


new year just past. so what is your new year's resolution?

every new year or before it, people start thinking about or others would tell and ask what your resolution for new year is. it has been a custom. even though you said it but in the end, you cant do it anyways. so whats the point? well, apparently people still do it..for fun. i do it too. sooo, what is yours?

during new year's eve -- ive suddenly thought of a new gimmick. maybe its because i wanted a new year's resolution so badly that it suddenly pops out. i wanted to change the way i dress up. since i dont listen to common music anymore; hiphop/rnb. i needed to change. then i came across this site> lookbook.nu - mostly they wear cardigans. simple but they make it look so cool. nd the site is a invite only, means you cant join just by a snap. you have to be invited. good thing i know one friend who has a account. sooo, about seeing so many pictures.. i thought maybe i could do what they do. so i asked my friends if they wanted the same thing as well. good thing they said yes.

goodluck to us doing that. hope it works out, for all of us :P