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Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's All About The Muney

i think most of us prolly realize that we need money. as they say, money makes the world go round. and it does. its the medium of trading. but others take advantage of it nd does other things.

it is now the Finals of the NCAA here in the Philippines and obviously, the first game was a sold out. nd now this second game, our school would win and so is the third/last game. the point there is, the arena jst wants to max the days of the NCAA playing there and making a lot of money out of the fans. probably the arena talkd to both teams and made that kind of plan. its not accurate but the truth always hurts that is why it is remaind hidden lol.

most businesses go that way. so tell me how much truth is into this:

? jst a piece of mind though. its not all true but if u want to believe it, then, nvm lmao

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mine & Not

hav u ever experienced sumone trying to talk to u and them trying to tell u their problems? is it not very disturbing to ur part? well, the truth is, no one wants to be told problems by others. even though if u r the one who hav one, u probably want to tell sumone ur problem right? but obviously, they dont want to hear it. they prolly jst nod or sumthing to recognize wut u hav said. the same goes when u want to help. u dont say sumthing that is really impossible or sumthing that the one who has a problem does not want to do and u insistently want him/her to do it against his/her will. lol. who wants to be told by sumbody by sumthing that u know nd he/she thinks he/she knows more than u and tries to giv u a tip or advise.

last day of exams~ lol. gl to all :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creepy Chan & Dolls

fear of dolls - phediophobia

i dun know why. but i am afraid of dolls. specially when it is more life like*. i think maybe when i was young. i was afraid of this movie; chukie. but im not accurately sure that that is the reason why. when seeing dolls, like porcelain, and thinking if ever they would move or jst blink, jst creeps me out. alot. loooool. but not all dolls are creepy.

speaking of creepy-ness. one picture says it all

Creepy Chan: or Allison Harvard. she is jst the creepiest girl i know. u might have seen her on tv before; on america's next top model.