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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10 Dream

Today I woke up crying because of the dream that I had. Which is unusual for me since I dont really take my dreams seriously. Well, it started when I was with my girlfriend. We took a rest on the bed. Knowing that my dad is just outside the room, I didnt closed the door entirely. I looked at the clock and it was past 12am. We both laugh, shared stories etc. Then my mom suddenly came barging in. My girlfriend and I were both shocked and she was like making excuses and crying. She said that she texted my mom about this and my mom didnt replied. Mom didnt take any excuses, even in real life, so we both didnt know what to do. She wanted our relationship to end so we did. Then I woke up, crying. At first I cant believe that it was a dream. I noticed my tears and wondered why i have them. Then I remembered my dreams and carried them all out through out the day. I went out of the room hating my mom... Epic.


Yea and I know why and how I got those dream. My mom dont wanting me a girlfriend is based from experience from before. And me having a girlfriend is really me wanting a girlfriend in real life.