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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i guess its time for me to stop trying and force other ppl to listen to my music; house, trance, electric, techno. what can i say, before, i too didnt liked these genres but nao i do. most ppl still loves lyrics nd believed that a Song is not a song without lyrics -.- apparently its nothing like that. im not saying that im a pro at these kind of things but of what ive observed, songs hav parts like opening, chorus, climax, etc. and as long as u hav them, u hav a song :) as i said, i will no longer try playing my music out loud to many ppl listening. i can, if im only alone or the only one listening. its rly rly hard to find ppl who listen to these kind of sounds. nd the ppl u meet, who listens to these stuffs, lasts forever :) that is how good it is...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Night's Paper

apparently, last night was the worst. i had a nightmare and couldnt go back to sleep o.o well, it goes:

i was playing Dota at the comp and we, my teammates, were losing. then suddenly i lost sight of them on the map then the monitor stopped moving and it was flashing and making the flashing sound jst like when taking pictures only this time i takes 3-4 shots per second. imagine that. creepy.. then i looked at my back then went back to bed. i know it is a bad dream(in real life) and i wanted to wake up.. my eyes were already half opened..and i can see that i am on the other side of the bed.. the only problem is, i cant move my body.. cant do anything.. i was trying to move my fingers.. but i simply cant. now i know the feeling of being paralyzed. then i noticed that i can breathe soo i tried to blow.. then i did it, i woke up..

that was the creepiest 5hit ive ever been into. and i rly had a hard time going back to sleep after that incident -.- woooo~ might be a sign for me to stop playing during late nights lol... not!

The Break Week

the following three days will be, i cant explain it, but its going to be one h3ll of a week. tonight, we will be celebrating one of my sohai's birthday. a pool party with all the drinks and foods all for free and overflowing. nao what would u expect? expect a groggy morning after that lol. then, the next night.. i'll be at another party. invited by another sohai. jst chill on a hotel room zomfg. dun think we'll go 1v1. most of the ppl their will be new to me cuz i only know one of them lol. and i am now listening to my new mix for tonight. dang. I LOVE HOUSE/TECHNO/ELECTRO COMBINED ZOMFG. PLUR er'one


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mrs. Carol

hav u ever experienced sumone or a group of people suddenly stands in front of u nd sings? well, prolly since its almost christmas. ppl carol to u or outside of ur own home! sumtimes its irritates us. well, we dun always hav money to giv them right? its good when u say to them that u dont hav cash nd they will only say "its okay, merry christmas!" but nowadays its not that way. they will get grouchy faces and still ask u for cash til u give them. thats the irritating part since I experienced that. i even told them that i dun celebrate this holiday so they will go away but the nerve of their leader to follow me til inside. btw, im not at home, outside with friends. so guess what nd where it happend. once again. fail @_@ happy holidays to u all! 2 more days til xmas :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

In Hangul

ever noticed when did k-pop rly started? suddenly it jst pops out nd there it is. its all over o_O then ppl went crazy with everything korean-like. tv series, fashion, music, etc. last sem break, i tried to study hangul (korean language). well, with me rly into it.. i did learn a little. there is one thing that im rly proud of, nd that is i can nao read hangul. the only problem is, i dun understand what i read. lol. i can read what it is but dun understand it lmao. then jst moments ago.. i tried to write my name in hangul nd then type it. installed korean language on pc so here is the outcome: 지여 살세도, read as ji-yeo sal-se-do(jio salcedo) lol. so addicted

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is no BBQ

apparently it is December nd everyone is on a christmas break. well, not rly everyone..but most of us. so, what to do? well, i had mine listed:
  • NYPD(Nationalist Youth and Progressive Democrats); an elite political party at our school, XMAS party.
  • our block party.
  • UST paskuhan.
  • Jancee's bday party
  • Krizia's Debut
  • of course, christmas day!
  • new year as well..
its mostly parties since it is what i mostly thought as of the moment. follow my plurk to see why : http://plurk.com/p/306h1m

i dun think i will be able to blog for a while, it will be a busy break, mostly out of the house and away from keyboard @_@ soooo, take care everyone :D merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

YM v10

as most of u might see, there is a latest version of Yahoo Messenger. as all new versions, there are new features, components, etc. but there is only one thing that i didnt like.. to ppl who use YM often, u should know when there is sumone who went online/offline cuz YM will notify u on the lower right of ur screen. well, the new thing is, its not that when someone PMs u, it is that that when one of ur contacts changes his/her stats, u'll get notified. its kinda annoying on my part since most of what i do on the computer resides on clicking on the lower right of the screen nd when im online on YM nd if it notifies me, the program minimizes and thats the annoying part. soooo, yahooooooooooo! lol

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ohh nd It's December

yesterday in class, i was shocked hearing that its december liao. nd it rly freaks me that for the past few days, i was not aware of the date nd time jst passes by quickly jst like that. sooo, its december! enjoy! or nut? lol. eitherway. it may be one of the freakiest months i know. its cold, almost new year.. what would u expect? lmao. the only thing that i like in this month is that its cold.. i think it was jst that its always hot outside that u wanted teh climate to change for a bit. and its kewl wearing thick clothes or jacket when going out. as if u can wear sumthing likethat during summer time..custom says no. nd prolly, electric companies enjoy this month as well..guess why lol. as far as december is concernd or who ever.. enjoy the last month of teh year! :D:D:D:D:D

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pasta with 0_0

last november 20, i went to this debut of my friend. honestly, its my first formal debut that i attended. the past were all...hmm.. informal? lolz. i do not like formal parties as well, but i needed to attend this cuz i promised :D

mostly pasta(baked mac). im a pasta lover myself. i like pesto but they didnt served it :c well, glad its a buffet(had a round 2 after this :D:D)

after all the formalities, we went to eastwood. drinking session with the college friends of the debutant

Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 Weeks Ago

i hav been really busy for the past weeks doing other stuffs. what i hav been doing:
  • homeworks
  • projects
  • debut
  • birthdays
  • surprise meetings
  • late night classes
  • home chores :c
sooo, i hav been really missing out alot on blogger. hope to keep up with u guys soon! :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black & White

in a situation where you did sumthing bad to others and the same thing happnes to u but only worse. others would prolly say "nakarma ka." it now looks as if karma means bad luck or sumthing that comes to u in a bad way. u can google it if u want to.

having experience a lot of that kind of situation made me realize and see what karma really is. well, im not saying that i trully understand it though. at the end of the day, u could say if u had a great one or a bad one. knowing that, u could see that u hav a number of positive nd negative days but never all positive or negative. it simply puts that everything is balanced jst the way it is. that is why there is this yin yang, which i see it; balance. Buddhism teaches us these things which is a good thing. knowing it, we can maximize what we do in our lives.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


spent my thursday with blockmates frm school. we didnt hav our 3pm class for the reason that our prof attended a meeting..thats what she said. what do we know -.-

prolly, we dont know what to do in our long break so one of us thought of going to the mall and eat lunch. it cost me around 300 bucks for my lunch with dessert nd everything. its sooo expensive o.o

then, chill @ krispy kreme before going back to school for 7:30-9:00pm class... the very tiring class.diao

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chock Chock

i is fanzzz :D

u prolly wont agree to everything i say here cuz what am i to u? right? im jst a kid telling everything i know frm what i see and what i think is the right thing and is true.

to what i see, most people only listen to old people; experienced. sum, frm what they see frm books, magazines, or newspapers. others to professionals and sum respected people.

after talking to other people frm other countries and hanging out with them, i can say that filipinos are the only one with the problem. everyone is aware of the crab mentality. and filipinos are full of pride. its the ugly truth. no one wants to lose to sumone. that is why there are a lot of troubles/problems happening.

dislike this or whatever sohai but this is the truth

Friday, November 6, 2009


nuthing much. jst got myself a tumblr account jst to see how it works. nd i still find blogger a more hands on? cant express it though but what im trying to say is, blogger is still better since most blog spots i visit often is frm blogger~ even though, i still made one. good thing i found this tool that imports my blogger posts to tumblr. lol. its like posting one time at two blogs lol. like putting up a plurk then it puts up on twitter, facebook, multiply, and friendster all at the same time o.o zomfg

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blue MnM <3

i would like to hav these right nao~

ever since, ive always tried to be unique. to be the only one who could do this, who could look like this etc. ive even came to the point that i was called weird. but being weird is fun. admit it. u hav to agree. lol. being different means ur fun. why? cuz ur not boring. that is what i see it to be. but me realizing, this things, does not apply to all. it depends on ur community; the norm. me being in the PH, people here hav the so called "crab mentality." im not putting away myself though. but im trying to avoid it. u always hav to blend in to everyone. being different means sumthing else. so it came to me that i hav to be jst like the norm. ive even tried copying other things, that i see which is kewl, so that i could be presentable; blend in. but it jst doesnt felt right nd i said to myself, i would jst ignore the norm nd find new ppl would could really understand what is right o.o even though, it is still hard to play teh part D:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Kinda Late Though

ive been thinking about it lately, since we hav a two and a half weeks of sembreak. the way i see it, ill be doing absolutely nuthing. jst be wasting time. like when ur watching some senseless videos on youtube. u probably would say: "u wasted (place time here) of my life!" well, i cant do anything about it nao. there is nothing i could really do that can make a difference so that there would be no time wasted this frggin sembreak. lol. its a good thing i can spend time with hon everyday. but i dont think hon can Supply all my needs -.- lmao. i wish i know what to do.

i pwn bbq til dey sei wtf nd zomfg~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's All About The Muney

i think most of us prolly realize that we need money. as they say, money makes the world go round. and it does. its the medium of trading. but others take advantage of it nd does other things.

it is now the Finals of the NCAA here in the Philippines and obviously, the first game was a sold out. nd now this second game, our school would win and so is the third/last game. the point there is, the arena jst wants to max the days of the NCAA playing there and making a lot of money out of the fans. probably the arena talkd to both teams and made that kind of plan. its not accurate but the truth always hurts that is why it is remaind hidden lol.

most businesses go that way. so tell me how much truth is into this:

? jst a piece of mind though. its not all true but if u want to believe it, then, nvm lmao

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mine & Not

hav u ever experienced sumone trying to talk to u and them trying to tell u their problems? is it not very disturbing to ur part? well, the truth is, no one wants to be told problems by others. even though if u r the one who hav one, u probably want to tell sumone ur problem right? but obviously, they dont want to hear it. they prolly jst nod or sumthing to recognize wut u hav said. the same goes when u want to help. u dont say sumthing that is really impossible or sumthing that the one who has a problem does not want to do and u insistently want him/her to do it against his/her will. lol. who wants to be told by sumbody by sumthing that u know nd he/she thinks he/she knows more than u and tries to giv u a tip or advise.

last day of exams~ lol. gl to all :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creepy Chan & Dolls

fear of dolls - phediophobia

i dun know why. but i am afraid of dolls. specially when it is more life like*. i think maybe when i was young. i was afraid of this movie; chukie. but im not accurately sure that that is the reason why. when seeing dolls, like porcelain, and thinking if ever they would move or jst blink, jst creeps me out. alot. loooool. but not all dolls are creepy.

speaking of creepy-ness. one picture says it all

Creepy Chan: or Allison Harvard. she is jst the creepiest girl i know. u might have seen her on tv before; on america's next top model.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Cat

last day of classes in this sem nd i still manage to pick up sumthing in class to put up in my blog. not really pickd up but a made up theory lol.

the night before this day, a friend texted me saying he feels so incomplete. me being as his close friend confronted him, but only this friday night. he was saying that he jst met this girl that was so perfect like one in a thousand. bad thing, the girl is already in a relationship but not really in a good one.

what my point is. my friend is kewl like that. being single and all. but, we being as social animals, we need love. probably from another being. now, being rejected. i know it is hard. and it makes you feel empty. speaking of being empty. it makes you have more room for urself; for improvement.

well, prolly. in the end. love is only a state of mind. a feeling, evolved. and now seen in different ways. :D

and i love cats looooooooooooooooool

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nut Love

do u sumtimes feel like ur gonna give up everything cuz u lost sumthing or sumone? are u sure that that is the real reason why u are down?

one day, sumthing came to me. after a whole day of doing nuthing but being bored and playing with Boredom. i came up with a realization. it goes sumthing like this:
the thing or person, that got detached from u,
is not the reason why u r down. you might say that you do not know what will happen to it or him/her cuz they are already away frm u and u dnt know what to do. but what you really mean inside you is that, you do not know what will happen to you. it might look like u really care for others or sumthing. but deep inside. it is us, ourselves, that we care more than others. in the end. we still put ourselves first even though we say sumtimes that we dont. loooooool

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poor Boy

By Mary Ann Villanueva Oppus

Look at me!!! I am part of the masses... the facet of society many so often push around... Why can't they ever stop to think... that, I am human too... that I, too, feel like them... Why can't you answer me??? You must have something in mind... Why can't you answer me??? I know you must have something in mind... Where is their sense of morality??? They trampled upon me as if I was trash... I never did them any wrong!!! Was it a sin I committed when I came to this world as a poor boy??? A poor boy... yes that's what I am... A state of being I didn't even choose at the first place. Was it a sin I committed, to be born like this?? Now tell me!!! Did you ever have the right to choose your status in life when you were born??? Think!!! Before you condemn me... Do I ever have a choice?

I am deprived of all the chances in life... I am looked down upon by people as someone who is too dirty... too smelly... too poor... but I have a heart... Yes!!! I have a golden heart... For every coin I get out of begging helps my younger siblings to survive. The money I earn goes a long way to feed my family... How about you??? How do you feed your family??? Are you 100% sure you work decent enough to earn more??? Are you sure that the money you earned didn't come from a dirty strategy other corrupt politicians used to do to gain power? Can you honestly look at your child straight in the eye true to your heart's core and with a clear conscience?? Have you ever been aware that the money you use to feed your family is an outcome of your hard labor and decent job you can always be proud of??? WHY DID YOU SUDDENLY BECOME QUIET??? WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND NOW?? Tell me!!! Come on, tell me!!!

Huh!!! You have good clothes, you never experienced sleeping without a roof, you eat good food, you enjoy the comforts of life... But, somewhere deep in your mind, your conscience haunts you... Yes... you will never sleep good... Within your subconscious mind, your guilty conscience still haunts you, constantly reminding you about your evil ways... Wow... And you still think you are clean???

Outside, you smell fresh and clean, but deep within your soul... I know you stink... Oh... I believe that kind of smell goes through your body... Yes your soul is bound to burn in hell!!! And look at me! I am just a poor boy... honestly begging for mercy from people like you, to feed my brothers and sisters... to survive, but I never stepped down on anyone. I never stole from anyone nor did I ever use anyone to improve our lives... I can sleep good... Can you??? With a kind conscience like that, well, I don't think so. You will never sleep well... you don't have any right to sleep with a sound mind and a light heart...

(My speech to be dund this mondae. loool. I only got 2 days to memorize it though. It will be dun!~looooool)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncake Festival

Every year, on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its brightest for the year, the Chinese celebrate the Mooncake Festival/Lantern Festival.

A typical mooncake is round or rectangular and contains a thick pastry including the yolk of salted egg to symbolize the moon. It is coated with a relatively thin crust.

Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone c:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All For a Greater Good

Imagine it as JIO's POV

The best way to exhaust the 6-day vacation is by lending a hand to the typhoon victims.
Ateneo were among the pioneers of the volunteering and distribution of relief goods followed by La Salle and UP. UST I was the last to advocate a community service clearly because we have our own battle against the legendary floods of España. I saw an announcement in CSC's site about the said Tulong Tomasino so I immediately told Michiko since were planning on taking part of the volunteering. She replied that instead of joining the charity work in school, we could just contribute in their area's so I agreed. I met up with Aaron in the overpass shed, took an FX up to Blum then rode a tricylce to where Michiko would pick us up in Balic. Saw her and introduced us to the people behind the community service. Apparently, that friend of hers work for senator Francis Escudero and that the donations came from him so our task is to allocate it.

Packed goods ready to be administered to the denizens of Marikina.

We were oriented that we are to meet the senator's affiliate named Warren in Tiende's parking adjacent to Fun Ranch. We were given allowance for cab and were divided into three groups. Cabs were such a snob so we decided to hire a jeep for all of us since that would be wiser and definitely be a thrift tactic. Got a private jeep and rode it till Tiende. Upon arriving there, we saw our contacts and asked us to ready ourselves and go inside the transpos readied for us. The most epic highlight of this service was the ride itself. We were perched atop a firetruck with the siren wailing all the way to the venue followed by large black vans, later by the military volunteers and the truck loaded with the provisions. It was a loud and catchy convoy similar to presidential escorts. All the people were looking at us and the vehicles nearby won't dare get in the way.
A fitting word for it: MAANGAS

Chiz is known for non-transparency and minimal exposure compared to all prospects for the seat of power so the shirt would be the humblest way of making his help acknowledged and known. Nevertheless, his affiliates were from an organization that doesn't front his name for campaign purposes.

First stop was in the Tañong parish. We assembled as a compressed
line and one by one
held the plastic bags to the next person, a
manual assembly line; a work hand in hand. My arms
after that but it was worth it. Then we jumped in back to the truck
for the next
place. There was traffic so the advantage of the siren
has no use. Mountains of
junk lay in all sides, slippers clung in
electric wires, children and men barely naked,
mud-streaked and
houses, an image far from Marikina's reputation as the
cleanest city.
The ghost town is worse than I thought. Roads were
all muddy and slippery.
There is no electricity, a candle was all
that's keeping their hopes alive. Almost everyone was telling us

they need water, I could imagine how hard it is for them to find
sources that will
quench their thirsts. The dry traces of flood in
walls were horrid indications
of its really high level. The
instruction was to deliver the boxes and groceries
into the other
truck so that they will manage
the distribution in an evenly
manner. I no longer cared how the grimy mud at my feet

splats on my shoes and good enough, we finished our work there.
We were informed that that was the last site so we returned to
Tiende to eat. For our efforts we earned our thanks and received
an incentive
so we spent it for our dinner. After eating I told them
I'll go ahead, took a
bus then went home with a smile.It's an
immersion that really drove us face to face
with the reality.
Somehow the sight I saw took
me by surprise with a mix of awe
and awareness but my grasp of the society's state

catapulted to a whole new paradigm. The pleasure of serving
and reaching out is
mine. Happy to oblige.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just the 1/20th of the Great Flood

we all know what happend during this epic flood that struck the Philippines jst this last saturday, september 26, 2009. it rained like for the whole saturday starting the night before the said day. then afternoon came..massive blackouts everywhere. still heavy rain comes and no means of transportation. we live near the riverbanks, like 3 blocks away, at manila. all i know is that it was only a normal brownout like electricity will come back like in a few hours or so, so i didnt fixed my stuffs. then i started texting my friends. one of them made a group message and said that they were all stranded at their school, cuz they had saturday classes, and i only received it like around 6pm and she texted me before saying that they were already stranded at 12pm. i thought i heard the worse but not. waking up in the morning.. seeing my cellphone almost dying. i received a text, from the low signal that i had. saw my friend texted again said that they were still stranded the whole night. i mean.. what could have been worse is that they werent expecting this. WE were not expecting this. the storm subsided around sunday afternoon. soon, the electricity. then the internet. watchd the news and saw everything that the typhoon had caused. massive floods that entered the homes of different families. floods that was high enough to swallow a whole village. even TV stars didnt escape this. Christine Reyes was one of those whose whole house was flooded. i mean, their house was near the riverbanks as ours. but we were not flooded as what has happend to them. then it struck me. before, at our place. they had the sewage system here fixed or jst maintained. whatever. so what im trying to say is that. the philippine sewage system is not good. if you think about it.. where Christine Reyes lives is much better from out place.. but they were the ones who got flooded. see. Im not trying to point out anything that was bad during the incident. what im trying to, is what was before it. of what i think.. this is the result of sum people jst throwing their garbage everywhere. its a simple reason from a mind of a grade school student. but still, it could be the cause right? even though.. Marikina City is the cleanest city i know at Metro Manila. still it got flooded. because it was near the mountains near Antipolo. and so was Cainta and Rizal. now, you guess what caused these.

After all these. we cant jst murk all over of what was happend. we have to get on with our lives not jst wait to sumbody who will help us or give us anything or whatever. im no being bitter or anything. but standing there wont help. im jst blogging jst to show to the others what happend here. maybe u could help~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sub rosa to Me

Last thursday was the bomb! as if i did sumthing really fun with sumone whom i liked before.loooooooool. it was the first time that i did it too; drinking inside school. D: i know it is not good and i could get expelled. but. doing sumthing that is not allowed or if sumone told you not to do it, always and will be the sweetest thing to do. its bad, yes. but its fun. also good at the same way. lol. the day started when she texted me to go drinking with her friends ya. then. one of her friends has classes like fifty minutes after a jst got there. so, we hav to leave early than the others. then my friend got "the bar" vodka put up in a plastic bottle and luckily get passed the inspection before going inside the school. her friend leaves us and went to class nd we went off to the snackbar to buy sum icedtea and frenchfries >:) then it started there. we drank literally at the open space inside school. there was even an event that was being held there; Marketing Week(things about SBJMA[san beda junior marketing association....one of our orgs at school], that i dont really know anything about). she was like "ang red mo na jio!(jio, youre so red!)" i do not know what to say lol. all i know that it was really fun and its getting really hot there and i was sweating a lot lmao. that day was one of the most fun time, with a friend or two, that ive ever had.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cloud Nine

Sound Cloud. i jst found this site a few days ago and it looks interesting. probably looks to have a better service than other sites that shares music files. better to jst watch the video on how to use and or what Sound Cloud is all about. have fun!:P

add me up http://www.soundcloud.com/jhoeneseyel

Monday, September 21, 2009

Logan de Gaulle vs. Pitbull

probably one of the best mixtapes ive heard. jst wanted to share it to u guys :D:D:D:D:D hav fun

Bio: LOGAN DE GAULLE aka Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake Logan de Gaulle is a collaboration of Hip Hop, Electro Dance Funk House music between Clinton Sparks ...(Boston, MA) and DJ Snake (Paris, France). Get Familiar!

Clinton Sparks:
Clinton Sparks is a multi-platinum producer/songwriter for Beyoncé, Akon, Ludacris, The Notorious B.I.G and Pitbull, The Daily 10 on E! Entertainment’s music correspondent and DJ/host of the #1 rated worldwide syndicated/Sirius XM Satellite radio show, Smash Time Radio. He holds a DJ residency at Body English The Nightclub inside The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and previously held the spot as P. Diddy’s “Press Play” tour DJ.


DJ Snake:
DJ Snake is Paris' King of Clubs. Since2006, he became POP DJ's most solicited in Paris. Moreover, Dj Snake managed to impose his touch abroad by performing in New York as well as Hong Kong, London and Dubai. DJ Snake regularly produces KING OF CLUB compilations with anthems that are played in the the biggest international clubs. Currently DJ Snake is a resident on Radio Vitamine every Saturday from 8 PM till 9 PM (The N°1 Radio Station in the south of France, from St. Tropez to Monaco)


Intro - Logan de Gaulle, Pitbull & Clinton Sparks

02Pitbull vs. Logan de Gaulle - Love Is Gone (Remix)

03Logan De Gaulle vs. Tyrese, Pitbull & Kardinal Offishall Take Me Away (Remix)

04Pitbull Feat. Akon - Shut It Down (Produced by Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake from Pitbull's Rebelution album)

05Pitbull & Logan de Gaulle vs. Kid Cudi & Kardinal Offishall - Day 'N' Nite (Remix)

06Pitbull & Logan de Gaulle vs. Bob Sinclar & Kardinal Offishall - World Hold On (Remix)

07Pitbull & Lil' Jon vs. Logan de Gaulle - Crazy (Remix)

08Clinton Sparks, Pitbull & Fatman Scoop - On To You (Produced By Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake)

09Lisa Lisa Feat. Pitbull - Can't Wait (Produced By Logan De Gaulle)

10Pitbull vs. Logan de Gaulle - Secret Admirer (Remix)

11Pitbull - Hotel Room Service (from Pitbull's Rebelution album)

12Livvi Frank & Pitbull - Now I'm That Chic

13Honorable & Pitbull - Now You See It

14Pitbull vs. Logan de Gaulle - Blanco (Remix)

15Sean Kingston & Pitbull - Fire Burning (Remix)

16Baby Bash, Pitbull & Lil' Jon - Outta Control

17Jeremih & Pitbull vs. Logan de Gaulle - Birthday Sex (Remix)

18Pitbull Outro - Get Familiar!

Download Link: Click Here

Personas for Firefox

what is Add-ons for firefox? well, simply. these are enhancements for your browser; firefox. you can download most of it here: click here
some add-ons i installed:

Cooliris plugin: makes photos frm teh site u visit into a cool 3-D full screen slideshow

A2: mini bookmarks: made my bookmarks be only icons and hide the whole name
A3: mini menu bar

apparently, those are only few of the add-ons that i did. there are still more. what i like the most is the new personas for firefox. link here:https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10900.

personas for firefox made my firefox browser more lively. why? you can change your theme with just a click or two.


to this. notice the difference? the good thing is, you can create your own. change it every time you want to. depends on your mood, maybe. but, who can say. lol. just trying to share some stuffs with u