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Friday, March 25, 2011

On The Fence

its hard dealing with indecisive people. especially at situations where you and your friends plan to go somewhere and that someone cant just decide. then comes the band-wagons. they might as well just dont give an answer. well, basically, their answer doesnt help. Fickle people are those that change their minds easily. i just cant stand those kind of people. its like im dealing with a fat kid that cant decide what flavor of ice cream he wants. its easy to decide. there is nothing to be afraid from.being lazy cant be a reason why you cant decide. like WTHELL? sooner or later you will need to decide things by yourself. i mean, why not start now? i laughed at myself last time when i remembered being indecisive when i was younger lol. i was a kid. what could i possibly know? so that personality is an attribute for the kids; being indecisive, low self esteem, etc. SMH but sometimes, it cant be help being indecisive. like in instances of choosing what to wear today. ROFL

One-Sided Religion

i despise people who only wants to be friends with some one who is rich or is able to give you many stuffs. Materialism can be bad. it could be the root factor of many things such as the way you interact with others, your personality, etc. i heard this once from a catholic guy "when we die, we leave everything that we have. " so it basically means that all that we possess will be senseless if we die. but then again, having those things can make your short life fulfilling and everything has a price LOL. when we do something good and/or it feels good, there is always something bad that happens simultaneously to it. for example, you eat meat everyday. you eat it at a normal phase that you dont over eat. eating meat shortens your life but it tastes good lol. didnt you ever noticed why those chinese people even reach the age of 100+? so as i was saying. i dont understand.. why choose something/someone that can make you feel good all the time? even in relationships, feeling good all the time is bad.