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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mrs. Carol

hav u ever experienced sumone or a group of people suddenly stands in front of u nd sings? well, prolly since its almost christmas. ppl carol to u or outside of ur own home! sumtimes its irritates us. well, we dun always hav money to giv them right? its good when u say to them that u dont hav cash nd they will only say "its okay, merry christmas!" but nowadays its not that way. they will get grouchy faces and still ask u for cash til u give them. thats the irritating part since I experienced that. i even told them that i dun celebrate this holiday so they will go away but the nerve of their leader to follow me til inside. btw, im not at home, outside with friends. so guess what nd where it happend. once again. fail @_@ happy holidays to u all! 2 more days til xmas :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

In Hangul

ever noticed when did k-pop rly started? suddenly it jst pops out nd there it is. its all over o_O then ppl went crazy with everything korean-like. tv series, fashion, music, etc. last sem break, i tried to study hangul (korean language). well, with me rly into it.. i did learn a little. there is one thing that im rly proud of, nd that is i can nao read hangul. the only problem is, i dun understand what i read. lol. i can read what it is but dun understand it lmao. then jst moments ago.. i tried to write my name in hangul nd then type it. installed korean language on pc so here is the outcome: 지여 살세도, read as ji-yeo sal-se-do(jio salcedo) lol. so addicted