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Friday, January 28, 2011


i heard a story about a friend giving a friend, who recently had a heartbreak, an advice. saying "there is a lot of fishes in the sea." what he meant there was, what his friend loss was not a big thing. it was only a part of a bigger thing and it is not everything. so, dont get sad about it. because, you havent even met 1% of the whole population in this world. having said that, does that makes us fishermen? LOL. i guess it does. and from what i know, to be able to catch a fish, you must have even some of the qualities of a great fisherman which are:
  • patient (knows how to wait)
  • risky (even if there is a storm)
  • tactical (knows where is the right spot to fish)
when you are fishing on your boat, its not enough that you wait, you should not let the fish see you as well. so as to caught one. you need not to scare one.

*i heard this one from one of the boring lectures during masses

Sleepy Zzz

this is my first time rejecting invites, many invites. and i cant stop thinking about it. i mean, i am wasting this long weekend for nothing. this is not the usual me but i am kind of getting use to it though. not going out late night, all that stuff. i feel like a loser tonight. and i dont argue with that. start accepting facts and just move forward. i cant get all my wants and needs in a snap. but what i can do is think about how to get it and just simply plan ahead. like i always do. it seems as if its just me against the world. truly, you cant trust no one but yourself. its funny even sometimes i dont trust myself hahaha. just kidding. i like the movie that i watched earlier today, its called "It's Kind of a Funny Story" movie. check it out

Thursday, January 27, 2011


this maybe the first time that i realized what the sunday mass is all about. the part where most people fall asleep is the most important one.. i guess it is where the church tell the people their thoughts about life or teachings. but, i dont know if i am the only one noticing but, people dont listen to that part in the mass. in short, they dont really get what they should get when going to a mass. well, before, i only go just for the sake of going every sunday. because that is the norm. -.- i still see that that is the point of view of most people. actually, the first time i thought of it, i smiled. it was like what i put on my blogs but it is only read. and being accepted (because they dont react in any violent manner even though they dont understand it) by the people. itll be funny when i bring my pen and paper on the next mass i will attend haha!

Open Mindedness

i just saw a recent tweet and it goes like "I hate closed minded people who think they know everything." its not how i look at it though but if i think about it, i kind of "dont like" close minded people. maybe its just because its hard to convince them and they are so easy to read. that could be some reasons why i dont like them and they could be the reason why i like open minded people as well. look at it at this point of view:
  1. whenever you trip, they wont laugh. not just trip, i mean anything.
  2. a great friend to talk to when you are down. why? they would listen to you and would understand you better. well, actually almost anything like ideas, etc. since they are open minded lol.
  3. since not all people likes what you like and when you introduce that thing to close minded people, their reactions are all the same. not when to open minded people, they will tend to appreciate it more and learn it why you did.
  4. and more stuff.
try to guess why i chose this picture.. lol