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Friday, October 16, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Cat

last day of classes in this sem nd i still manage to pick up sumthing in class to put up in my blog. not really pickd up but a made up theory lol.

the night before this day, a friend texted me saying he feels so incomplete. me being as his close friend confronted him, but only this friday night. he was saying that he jst met this girl that was so perfect like one in a thousand. bad thing, the girl is already in a relationship but not really in a good one.

what my point is. my friend is kewl like that. being single and all. but, we being as social animals, we need love. probably from another being. now, being rejected. i know it is hard. and it makes you feel empty. speaking of being empty. it makes you have more room for urself; for improvement.

well, prolly. in the end. love is only a state of mind. a feeling, evolved. and now seen in different ways. :D

and i love cats looooooooooooooooool

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