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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mine & Not

hav u ever experienced sumone trying to talk to u and them trying to tell u their problems? is it not very disturbing to ur part? well, the truth is, no one wants to be told problems by others. even though if u r the one who hav one, u probably want to tell sumone ur problem right? but obviously, they dont want to hear it. they prolly jst nod or sumthing to recognize wut u hav said. the same goes when u want to help. u dont say sumthing that is really impossible or sumthing that the one who has a problem does not want to do and u insistently want him/her to do it against his/her will. lol. who wants to be told by sumbody by sumthing that u know nd he/she thinks he/she knows more than u and tries to giv u a tip or advise.

last day of exams~ lol. gl to all :D


Gelo said...

Ayaw mo makinig sa problema ko?

jhoenkid said...

may ibang bagay na okay lang. naiintindihan mo naman ata. e kung sinabihan kita ng problema ko, ano reaction mo? haha