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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black & White

in a situation where you did sumthing bad to others and the same thing happnes to u but only worse. others would prolly say "nakarma ka." it now looks as if karma means bad luck or sumthing that comes to u in a bad way. u can google it if u want to.

having experience a lot of that kind of situation made me realize and see what karma really is. well, im not saying that i trully understand it though. at the end of the day, u could say if u had a great one or a bad one. knowing that, u could see that u hav a number of positive nd negative days but never all positive or negative. it simply puts that everything is balanced jst the way it is. that is why there is this yin yang, which i see it; balance. Buddhism teaches us these things which is a good thing. knowing it, we can maximize what we do in our lives.

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