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Monday, December 21, 2009

In Hangul

ever noticed when did k-pop rly started? suddenly it jst pops out nd there it is. its all over o_O then ppl went crazy with everything korean-like. tv series, fashion, music, etc. last sem break, i tried to study hangul (korean language). well, with me rly into it.. i did learn a little. there is one thing that im rly proud of, nd that is i can nao read hangul. the only problem is, i dun understand what i read. lol. i can read what it is but dun understand it lmao. then jst moments ago.. i tried to write my name in hangul nd then type it. installed korean language on pc so here is the outcome: 지여 살세도, read as ji-yeo sal-se-do(jio salcedo) lol. so addicted

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