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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

life is meaningless without problems. and without problems, life is like a game where you are always the winner. you guys might say like "who cares if i always win?" but in the end. you will realize that you need something or someone that can tell you that you are worth something. something like a challenge. so i guess its clear that problems really comes to us no matter what we do. and i think, we should be thankful? ROFL. for a minute there, i didnt recognized myself. LOL. who would want problems? right? we do everything or anything that we know just to stop these problems. money. friends. death. etc. i mean, WTHELL?

what happened today, was, i cant express it through words. but "fun" would be the closest one. met new people. did things the we all do the same, which is some sort of bonding(which is fun). i can say the today was a good day. :). and just this night, i heard this from the television. they say that when you laugh, your body releases this specific enzymes that can help you heal any problems in your body like your sickness or some sort. indeed, laughing really helps you be happy and jolly. being one means youre healthy. correct :P and smiling helps too :)

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jhoenkid said...

ang redundant ko pala! haha. sorry, medyo rush :)