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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loose Cap

i always tell these to my friends who asks me to help them when their lover failed them or they failed their lovers. yes, its hard to forget someone whom you have spent time with. especially, those precious times you really really adore and think about all the time. and even first love.

just a precautionary.. i will be straightforward with my point here. try to keep an open mind and understand what i mean.

from the day we are born, we don't own anything. until we die. we wont own anything. from what i see, why people are having a hard time letting go of the people they love, is that their mind is telling themselves that "this is mine". did you get what i mean? or other reasons.. its like when buying a very expensive stuff and someone stole it from you. its really hard to bear. i know.

others would say "its/hes/shes the only one". i don't know about you but your wasting time saying that. nothing is labeled as "the one". if you get what i mean. do you even wonder how your ancestors got married or not and still have kids? well, its that they've got their lover. yes, they lost lovers too. but in the end, everything still works great. if its not great, look at yourself again, and try to ask the same question. if you can.

i dont know if i really put everything that is what i have in mind here. im playing loud music at the same time chatting with other people when making this :) rofl

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