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Friday, January 14, 2011

Last One

i dont know. i still get irritated to people comparing me to what most guys are. they will say that im like them, like that. first things first, thats not fair. dont just judge by what you know. dont be idealistic like most people are. know them first. thats why theres this thing called understanding. just like what i always say "there is no all or everything" what i mean is, everything doesnt apply to everything. like for example. all people are intelligent. we all know that is not true. face it. thats reality. and the same applies to all. i guess, seeing/realizing this when i was young made me want myself to be different from others. dyed hair, colored contact lenses, fashion, music, etc. attitude as well. im still trying to be more realistic than idealistic. i dont believe on what i just read. ill try to get a proof if its true first then thats the time i will truly accept that thing. i hope you guys got what i pointing out lol

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