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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


8 days ago, i asked my friend something that i can do in my spare time. a site that i can visit, prolly read long boring stuffs or whatever. then he mentioned a game called Minecraft. so i immediately typed in it in the Google search bar and went to the Minecraft's website. i registered quickly just to play it and see if it is good enough. then it says like you have to pay to download and play the game. so i was like "WTF" to my friend. so he gave me a link containing a cracked version of it. then i started playing it at home. at first glance, you would say "what a sh*tty graphics" well, i was bored so i still played it.

then i asked, whats the purpose of the game. simply because it doesnt have a storyline or instructions when i installed it. then i started searching it on youtube and saw how wonderful this game truly is. the whole environment is made out of blocks which you can replace anywhere. having that thought, you can make structures, etc..

your own fortress perhaps?

thats basically it. well, the game has its own time too. day, and night. making it more realistic. at night, there are monsters that will attack you and that is the main reason why at your first day, you have to make a shelter to protect yourself.

i like this "born this way" parody. its all about minecraft btw. watch it


Anonymous said...

Tara papa Jio MC tayu. Use Hamachi :)

jhoenkid said...

awchie. sino ka po? tara gaming. chat mo ako :D