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Monday, September 28, 2009

Just the 1/20th of the Great Flood

we all know what happend during this epic flood that struck the Philippines jst this last saturday, september 26, 2009. it rained like for the whole saturday starting the night before the said day. then afternoon came..massive blackouts everywhere. still heavy rain comes and no means of transportation. we live near the riverbanks, like 3 blocks away, at manila. all i know is that it was only a normal brownout like electricity will come back like in a few hours or so, so i didnt fixed my stuffs. then i started texting my friends. one of them made a group message and said that they were all stranded at their school, cuz they had saturday classes, and i only received it like around 6pm and she texted me before saying that they were already stranded at 12pm. i thought i heard the worse but not. waking up in the morning.. seeing my cellphone almost dying. i received a text, from the low signal that i had. saw my friend texted again said that they were still stranded the whole night. i mean.. what could have been worse is that they werent expecting this. WE were not expecting this. the storm subsided around sunday afternoon. soon, the electricity. then the internet. watchd the news and saw everything that the typhoon had caused. massive floods that entered the homes of different families. floods that was high enough to swallow a whole village. even TV stars didnt escape this. Christine Reyes was one of those whose whole house was flooded. i mean, their house was near the riverbanks as ours. but we were not flooded as what has happend to them. then it struck me. before, at our place. they had the sewage system here fixed or jst maintained. whatever. so what im trying to say is that. the philippine sewage system is not good. if you think about it.. where Christine Reyes lives is much better from out place.. but they were the ones who got flooded. see. Im not trying to point out anything that was bad during the incident. what im trying to, is what was before it. of what i think.. this is the result of sum people jst throwing their garbage everywhere. its a simple reason from a mind of a grade school student. but still, it could be the cause right? even though.. Marikina City is the cleanest city i know at Metro Manila. still it got flooded. because it was near the mountains near Antipolo. and so was Cainta and Rizal. now, you guess what caused these.

After all these. we cant jst murk all over of what was happend. we have to get on with our lives not jst wait to sumbody who will help us or give us anything or whatever. im no being bitter or anything. but standing there wont help. im jst blogging jst to show to the others what happend here. maybe u could help~


Samantha Coronado said...

wow grabe yung beda! ang lawak na ng kalsada ang taas padin. grabe.

jhoenkid said...

yea. isipin ko nalang nilinis ung beda. haha. ang hirap siguro pumasok neto