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Friday, October 30, 2009

Blue MnM <3

i would like to hav these right nao~

ever since, ive always tried to be unique. to be the only one who could do this, who could look like this etc. ive even came to the point that i was called weird. but being weird is fun. admit it. u hav to agree. lol. being different means ur fun. why? cuz ur not boring. that is what i see it to be. but me realizing, this things, does not apply to all. it depends on ur community; the norm. me being in the PH, people here hav the so called "crab mentality." im not putting away myself though. but im trying to avoid it. u always hav to blend in to everyone. being different means sumthing else. so it came to me that i hav to be jst like the norm. ive even tried copying other things, that i see which is kewl, so that i could be presentable; blend in. but it jst doesnt felt right nd i said to myself, i would jst ignore the norm nd find new ppl would could really understand what is right o.o even though, it is still hard to play teh part D:

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