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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Kinda Late Though

ive been thinking about it lately, since we hav a two and a half weeks of sembreak. the way i see it, ill be doing absolutely nuthing. jst be wasting time. like when ur watching some senseless videos on youtube. u probably would say: "u wasted (place time here) of my life!" well, i cant do anything about it nao. there is nothing i could really do that can make a difference so that there would be no time wasted this frggin sembreak. lol. its a good thing i can spend time with hon everyday. but i dont think hon can Supply all my needs -.- lmao. i wish i know what to do.

i pwn bbq til dey sei wtf nd zomfg~


Aaron said...

read,watch Lost

jhoenkid said...

i dun wan lost. kahit gusto, wala ako dvd. i dunno wat to read O_O