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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is no BBQ

apparently it is December nd everyone is on a christmas break. well, not rly everyone..but most of us. so, what to do? well, i had mine listed:
  • NYPD(Nationalist Youth and Progressive Democrats); an elite political party at our school, XMAS party.
  • our block party.
  • UST paskuhan.
  • Jancee's bday party
  • Krizia's Debut
  • of course, christmas day!
  • new year as well..
its mostly parties since it is what i mostly thought as of the moment. follow my plurk to see why : http://plurk.com/p/306h1m

i dun think i will be able to blog for a while, it will be a busy break, mostly out of the house and away from keyboard @_@ soooo, take care everyone :D merry christmas!

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