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Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Night's Paper

apparently, last night was the worst. i had a nightmare and couldnt go back to sleep o.o well, it goes:

i was playing Dota at the comp and we, my teammates, were losing. then suddenly i lost sight of them on the map then the monitor stopped moving and it was flashing and making the flashing sound jst like when taking pictures only this time i takes 3-4 shots per second. imagine that. creepy.. then i looked at my back then went back to bed. i know it is a bad dream(in real life) and i wanted to wake up.. my eyes were already half opened..and i can see that i am on the other side of the bed.. the only problem is, i cant move my body.. cant do anything.. i was trying to move my fingers.. but i simply cant. now i know the feeling of being paralyzed. then i noticed that i can breathe soo i tried to blow.. then i did it, i woke up..

that was the creepiest 5hit ive ever been into. and i rly had a hard time going back to sleep after that incident -.- woooo~ might be a sign for me to stop playing during late nights lol... not!


Gelo said...

sleep paralysis siguro.
grabe adik mo sa hon.

jhoenkid said...

imba. ano naman ung sinabi mong sleep paralysis? may ganun talagang term? (tinatamad magsearch e)