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Saturday, January 2, 2010


new year just past. so what is your new year's resolution?

every new year or before it, people start thinking about or others would tell and ask what your resolution for new year is. it has been a custom. even though you said it but in the end, you cant do it anyways. so whats the point? well, apparently people still do it..for fun. i do it too. sooo, what is yours?

during new year's eve -- ive suddenly thought of a new gimmick. maybe its because i wanted a new year's resolution so badly that it suddenly pops out. i wanted to change the way i dress up. since i dont listen to common music anymore; hiphop/rnb. i needed to change. then i came across this site> lookbook.nu - mostly they wear cardigans. simple but they make it look so cool. nd the site is a invite only, means you cant join just by a snap. you have to be invited. good thing i know one friend who has a account. sooo, about seeing so many pictures.. i thought maybe i could do what they do. so i asked my friends if they wanted the same thing as well. good thing they said yes.

goodluck to us doing that. hope it works out, for all of us :P

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