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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spaghetti PPL

its been a while since i updated my blog. this is my 2nd post for this year tho.

well. i jst had one of the greatest weekend ever. let's start with friday - saturday - sunday:

  • met new friends; James & Dona. Hang at Roland's place. Then all 4 of us did groceries.
  • had a meeting with other students nd alumni from my school regarding about the upcoming student council elections. met up with Kaytie and co. & met new friends; Kating, Ven, Kim, Revi, Anj, Miko, Etc. Then went to Shangrila Hotel Makati to meet up with Roland.
  • Party inside the hotel room. *thanks to Roland. Met: Chico, Joy, Gabb, Renee, Marti, Tex, etc.
this might be the part of my life where i would change. again. good start for 2010.

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