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Monday, March 15, 2010

Theory: Apple

do you believe in sayings? like the way our grandparents give us tips about our daily lives. and the way we dont listen to them and still do our own thing? i do believe in experience teaches us so we do sumtimes dont listen to them because we want to experience it ourselves and learn from it. common sayings like:
"history repaeats itself. once it does, it only means you have not learned from it." and
"when life throws you lemonades, make lemonades out of it." and my favorite
"everything that is too much is bad."
we all read/heard these things over and over but sometimes we dont get it. right? eitherway.. those stuffs are true. i mean, if you think about it... those things are probably made a long time ago and ask yourself, why is it still being said now? it only comes to one conclusion that all of them are true and it applies to the people who use them.

but then again, NOT ALL THINGS APPLIES TO ALL. you need to consider other forces and be open minded. you need to assess everything and always take at least one step forward when making a move.

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