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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Theory: Balance

i will get straight to the point. i believe that everything is balance from the start. ppl born is given an exact, let say points, as well as the other people who are born. these points are divided into categories: physical, mental, emotional, social, stuff, stuffs, other stuffs, others, etc. bad thing is, we cant choose where to put those points. so from the very start.. let say if you have a High points in your Social.. you are probably rich at famous. but there are parts of you that you lack or that is negative about you. my point here is, nobody is perfect. if a people is really talented like he/she can sing and dance, that guy is prolly bad at math or other things like let us say he is fat or ugly or his/her social life is not so good.

this also applies to other things like tangible and intangible stuffs.

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