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Monday, November 28, 2011

When a Crab Hatches

It is said that when a duckling hatches, the first thing that it sees automatically becomes it mother. It believes it though. I guess thats what happened to me. The first person to show me love(excluding parents) was the person that i want to go back with everytime. It maybe wrong like when the first thing that the duckling sees is a cat, it will still believe that it is its mother. But the cat knows otherwise. Sometimes i just dont believe people. Specially Filipinos. I think that my hatred for Filipino culture came to me again when i started playing HoN(Heroes of Newerth). You could really compare the way the Filipinos play internationally with people from other countries like Singapore and Malaysia and Thailand etc. Filipino gamers are selfish and ignorant. Who doesnt take orders from no one. Quitters as well as who swears alot. Mostly, that crab mentallity is true. Thinking about the history. I can say that Filipino culture changed because of the Spanish colonization. Filipinos from that time was supressed therefore hindering them and somewhat changing their culture or lifestyle. I want to believe that that is the reason. For now, ill still go for chinese and japanese people for the reason that they have a different way of life with the Filipino girls that i know.

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