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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laughter Is Still The Best medicine

life is meaningless without problems.. without problems, it is like a game where you are always the winner which is pointless. i mean, why play? i know a lot of people afraid of losing. that is why they will never learn for the reason that they cannot see or appreciate what they have. we all heard it before "you learn from your mistakes." well, it is true. you do learn from your mistakes. your mind will tell you not to do the wrong things that you have done when you try to do the same thing again. i am really fascinated how the mind works and i can say that i am more interested than a psychology student. what really gets me going is the "smile." when you smile, your body releases a substance(?) called endorphin. which is what makes you happy in the first place. even when you are sad, when you try to force smile yourself, you will feel happy inside. it really contradicts if you just think about it but it works. same thing when you kiss or have an orgasm. all these makes your body release endorphins and make you feel good. which is good. which is what we all want.

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