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Friday, July 13, 2012

These Sweet Things

Today I walked by the candy store and decided to buy candies. I went around the store to find anything that soothes my tastebuds of that moment. As I slowly look at the side of me, I stumbled upon the thing that I was looking for; jawbreakers. It was only the last pack on the shelf and it was kind of old but not expired yet. Then, I just took it. Not thinking of how bad it will taste, or not, because of its torn package. My phone rang as I walk to the cashier. It was my kid neighbor asking me if I could buy her jelly beans. I could not say no to her because I like that kid. The only problem is, I only have enough money for one type of candy. I had to let go of my jawbreakers so that I can buy her those candies. The cashier quickly took my money as if he was doing something else. As I walk to the kid's house, I kind of regreted that I was not able to buy my candy. But I said to myself that it was okay and I can probably just buy them tomorrow on the way home. I reached the house and knocked on the door. The kid answered me. I did not want to overstay at her house so I tried to just giver her her candies and the payment. She then told me that she does not want it anymore and I can have it. I gladly said thank you to her and left like in a hurry. Upon reaching my bed, I began eating the jelly beans. It tasted great at the start but as I eat more, it tasted more blander or just loosing it. I kind of got annoyed to that kid and thinking that I could be eating jawbreakers instead of these jelly beans. 

Metaphorical story.


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