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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Timeline Sucks

I have this weird thought why I hate this timeline. What I'm trying to say is, if I could have lived in a parallel universe, in which "religion" did not exist, technology could have been a thousand years advanced compared to what we have now in this life. It is just so sad knowing that in the future, many inventions could have blown our mind right now. In which we cannot see it because of our short life span. Sometimes I think that if we die, our soul lingers through out the Earth and finds a new host and in that process, your past memories are gone. But, some stays and sometimes we call it "Deja vu."

That is one thought. It is not a 100% truth but it's a theory. But I am a man of science and that all contradicts to what I just said. You see, our whole body is composed of many cells. Which in the beginning is just one cell then reproduced to many different cells. To which each cells have each purpose. I did not go to doctor school but i think that simple thing that my biology professor taught me really grew up on me. It is just simple logic which you have to connect the dots. With that in mind, our brain cells have one specific purpose. And so is our other cells like skin, etc. So it really contradicts to how one person can have a soul, thinking that one person is composed of many cells. How could it be? Could it be that we have many souls proportionate to how many our cells are? 

Sometimes I think that these kind of things is something that mediocre people should not mess with. That is why, I cannot answer this..right now.

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