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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give Me Game!

there are times where we do this thing and we fail. its like riding on a horse, then you fall off. what most people do is get back up. as heard on the movies. lol. well its right. you should do it again until you succeed. right? and those wrong moves that you did.. you learn from them. like the "what cannot kill you, can make you stronger" line. but then again. as i said. not everything applies to all. sometimes you have to give up. sometimes things does not work as it is. its not like in what you see on screens where in the end, you get what you want. in reality, you dont always get what you want. in fact, you dont get anything that you think that you wanted. unless you force it too. giving up is not an answer as well. we go back on my first point why you should not give up... dont give up >>> give up >>> dont give up. what i am trying to say here is.. assess first if you are to give up or not to. if you get what i mean o.O

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