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Friday, October 22, 2010

Teh "555"

this brings back the old days of HoN. when it was international.. damn. i missed playing with ppl from other countries. i dont know but it fascinates me seeing and reading their own dialects. i learned Singlish on the net. lol. words like liao, diao, lah, and sohai.. the common ones. for some reason i liked playing games internationally. it gives me an idea of what kind of culture they have. blah blah blah. my most favorite thing that i learned is the word "555". if used in a sentence:
-"look at this fool."
at first glance you would wander with the 555. i did too until my friend started using the word as well. and i was like "WTF is 555??" and he was like "555!" rofl. it took me some time to actually know the real meaning. it originated from thai people and it means "hahaha". its weird. i know. but "5" to thai is "ha". so, thais in chats..instead of lol or rofl. they use 555. well, its easier to type though.

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