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Friday, January 28, 2011


i heard a story about a friend giving a friend, who recently had a heartbreak, an advice. saying "there is a lot of fishes in the sea." what he meant there was, what his friend loss was not a big thing. it was only a part of a bigger thing and it is not everything. so, dont get sad about it. because, you havent even met 1% of the whole population in this world. having said that, does that makes us fishermen? LOL. i guess it does. and from what i know, to be able to catch a fish, you must have even some of the qualities of a great fisherman which are:
  • patient (knows how to wait)
  • risky (even if there is a storm)
  • tactical (knows where is the right spot to fish)
when you are fishing on your boat, its not enough that you wait, you should not let the fish see you as well. so as to caught one. you need not to scare one.

*i heard this one from one of the boring lectures during masses

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