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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open Mindedness

i just saw a recent tweet and it goes like "I hate closed minded people who think they know everything." its not how i look at it though but if i think about it, i kind of "dont like" close minded people. maybe its just because its hard to convince them and they are so easy to read. that could be some reasons why i dont like them and they could be the reason why i like open minded people as well. look at it at this point of view:
  1. whenever you trip, they wont laugh. not just trip, i mean anything.
  2. a great friend to talk to when you are down. why? they would listen to you and would understand you better. well, actually almost anything like ideas, etc. since they are open minded lol.
  3. since not all people likes what you like and when you introduce that thing to close minded people, their reactions are all the same. not when to open minded people, they will tend to appreciate it more and learn it why you did.
  4. and more stuff.
try to guess why i chose this picture.. lol

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